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5. Oktober 2011

Future trend mobile commerce: Tradebyte connects Shopgate

Future trend mobile commerce: Tradebyte connects Shopgate

Logo von ShopgateAccording to a study conducted by the bvh, already more than a quarter of all smartphone owners use their mobile phone for shopping. And this number is increasing. For many smartphone users it is simply more comfortable nowadays to go on mobile shopping trips and use their smartphone additionally as a shopping tool – no matter where they are at the time.

Go with the trend of the time: Make use of this young sales channel and be there from the beginning. Provide your customers and the huge group of potential buyers with a new shopping experience and present your products through its own shopping app or in the iPhone marketplace. This has been made possible with TB.One developed by Tradebyte, which offers an interface to Shopgate, the m-commerce specialist and market leader for mobile shopping solutions.

We make it easier to access the new growing market of m-commerce:

Tradebyte takes over the integration, Shopgate creates the app for you and takes care of the orders and payment. You as a vendor just have to send the goods to the buyer transmitted through Shopgate, after receiving the order.

If you have any questions please contact us, your Tradebyte team is happy to help.