23. October 2015

Introducing the Team: 5 Questions for Stefan Klingner

STK1. How long have you been at Tradebyte and what are your tasks?

I have worked at Tradebyte as Director of IT & Processes since February 2015. I am responsible for the coordination of the Development and Systems Operations departments, the continuous process optimisation within our company, as well as the smooth running of the systems environment.

2. What distinguishes Tradebyte as an employer for you?

  • The company is unbelievably adaptable and constantly offers new opportunities for development.
  • The working conditions are really very good: We have a friendly family feel amongst colleagues, working hours are flexible and there is no time-tracking system.

3. What fascinates you about the e-commerce industry?

Compared to conventional offline commerce, e-commerce offers many more opportunities. Information between companies and customers can be exchanged quickly and simply. Additionally, customers can look through the entire selection of a trader with one click of a mouse and get information about its products and services.

4. What do you prefer: online shopping or shopping at a store?

I appreciate the personal consultation in a store, but buy more and more things online, and I believe that the trend is moving towards buying everything online.

5. In your opinion, what innovation has changed the world most?

The steam engine, which has created the basic requirements for life as we know it today.

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