21. March 2017

Introducing the Team: 5 Questions for Tino Dietel

TID_1500x10291. How long have you been working at Tradebyte and what are your tasks?

I joined the Tradebyte-Team in early 2012. As a software developer I work directly on our products. Predominantly, I work in frontend-development, which is my area of expertise. That means I develop those elements of the software, which users get to see and interact with directly.

2. To you, what makes Tradebyte stand out as an employer?

  • At Tradebyte I am part of a team which is both very young and dynamic, and which has grown organically alongside the company. That way we managed to accumulate a lot of e-commerce know-how over the past years.
  • In working life people often quickly settle into a kind of “routine daily grind”. Working at Tradebyte, on the other hand, means variety: Each day has new challenges in store, which help me to continually expand my skills and knowledge.

3. How do you like to spend your lunch breaks?

My favorite thing to do, come lunchtime, is to go for a meal with my colleagues. Whether we are going to the canteen, to a restaurant or to the christmas market really doesn’t matter. To me, lunch is a great opportunity for talking to my colleagues from other teams, who I don’t get to chat with as often during my regular workdays.

4. How would you explain your job to a young child?

To be honest: My job is very complex, so I would have a hard time explaining it to a young child in an appropriate way. While my own children know that their daddy works on a computer at an office, they are still too young to be able to grasp what e-commerce is.

5. When did Tradebyte come to your attention for the first time?

That was back in 2011, while I was working as an independent developer. During that time Tradebyte contacted me for a job offer. The following year I decided that I would like to work there. Since then the company has been growing rapidly, which was especially exciting to watch from an employee’s perspective – and there are no signs that this growth process will slow down any time soon.

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