22. November 2018

Become a certified Tradebyte Partner today!

Finally, the time has come – the Tradebyte partner certification rollout! Having now completed our testing phase, throughout which we had the support of MAC IT-Solutions GmbH and TSO Data Nürnberg GmbH, we can now offer all our ERP technology partners with a Tradebyte interface the opportunity to become certified without costs.

»We would like to increase customers’ trust in the partners and their interfaces by creating a certain standard for interfaces and therefore simplifying the connection to third-party systems. It’s our aim to certify every partner who has an interface with Tradebyte by the end of 2019.«

Anna Lorenz, Partner Manager at Tradebyte

A certified partner stands for trust, transparency and expertise!

A certification comes with several advantages for our partners: Firstly, the interface becomes highly valued as the certification stands for a perfect interface with little support and integration costs and which is always up-to-date. On the other hand, partners profit from an increase in expertise – they receive comprehensive skills and knowledge all around TB.One, which means that they can provide even better advice for their customers in the future. For our partners, everything is entirely free of charge and does not entail a lot of effort. Certified partners can place the seal on their website and are presented with the certification logo in the partner area of our website. Furthermore, we publish each successful certification in the Tradebyte newsletter and therefore alert our customers to it.

»As a certified partner we can guarantee our customers a high standard of quality as we prove competence and dedication to the specialised solution of our partners. Continuous training and involvement in the development of partner solutions ensure the necessary advantage of knowledge in our market.«

Lisa Schlicker, Team Lead KatarGo at TSO


For customers, the certification of a Tradebyte partner also has advantages as the seal represents that the interface works perfectly. Additionally, a certified partner will always keep his interface up-to-date thanks to a release note process and will adapt it with changes in an appropriate timeframe so the customer does not have much effort with it.

Who can become a certified Tradebyte Partner?

The partner certification addresses partners with an existing, intact interface with Tradebyte and existing customers. At the moment, we’re only offering the certification for ERP technology partners, but we are working hard on the certification for shop connectors, too. So: stay tuned!

»From a technical point of view, the certification really is uncomplicated, as the interface is already there. If the partner currently has the interface, we on our side just check whether everything’s in order. Adjustments are only made if something’s not in order. With the first two partners, MAX IT and TSO, everything worked very quickly and without problems.«

Benedikt Bräuer, Project Support Manager at Tradebyte Software and contact partner for certifications


There are just four steps to the certification: After a kick-off call and a check of the technical requirements on the side of the partner and Tradebyte, rectifications are carried out if necessary. After the final acceptance of the interface by Tradebyte, the certification is granted.

»The certification process ran in a very constructive framework and was accompanied by Tradebyte in a very professional way. Our questions were answered very quickly by the Tradebyte team. Therefore, the certification process could be finished within a short time.«

Oliver Bartl, Head of Cloud Services at Mac IT Solutions


You can find more information about partner certifications in the partner area of our website or from your contact partner. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at partner@tradebyte.com.



posted in General by Alexia Schulz