5. December 2016

Challenging TDD at November’s /dev/night

Blog_devnight_236x96The latest /dev/night, titled “TDD++ – how to write testable code?“, was able to build on the October session’s success with more than 20 participants. In November the presented topics were, among others, “Arrange, Act, Assert” and the “Red, Green, Refactor Cycle”. After the break a presentation on “Mocking” concluded the theoretical part of the evening.

This time there were two challenges for the participants to work on. First everybody competed in the “Pig Latin Kata”, then they had the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge about mocking in the main challenge of the evening: Building a currency calculator.

The next /dev/night will take place on the 13th of December at the usual venue. Everyone interested in development is warmly invited to join the meeting at the Tradebyte offices on Bahnhofsplatz at 7:15PM. December’s topic will be the “Software Craftsmanship Movement”.

For further information on the /dev/nights go to www.Tradebyte.com/dev-night.
If you have any questions or suggestions you can reach the /dev/night team at dev-night@Tradebyte.com.

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