17. February 2017

ECD 2017: Tickets are now available

During past weeks we received an increasing number of inquiries about ECD tickets, and are therefore especially glad that we can, as of today, announce that ticket sales have officially started. Visit our re-launched ECD Website today and secure your exclusive early bird ticket. Up to the 11th of April you can save 60 percent of the regular ticket price this way.

ECD 2017 will, as usual, offer its visitors a top-tier congress event. Exciting talks and roundtable-discussions will accompany the highly requested one-to-one meetings, which can be applied for and approved via ECD Gate one month prior to the event.

A detailed version of the programme schedule will be released, step by step, on the ECD website over the course of the coming weeks – so there is reason to remain excited.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Munich’s Wappenhalle on the 23rd of May, and to a successful event.

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