13. February 2018

Interview with Johannes Terhürne of best it – eCommerce solutions group

With best it as a partner, Tradebyte built a bridge to Shopware. The jointly developed Tradebyte2Shopware-Connector is a top seller. But exceeding that, a vivid partnership has developed. We asked Johannes Terhürne what he thinks it is, that makes the friendship of our two companies so special.

Tradebyte: Johannes, you lead the Strategy unit at best it. What strategies are you currently developing? What innovations can we expect from you in the near future?

Johannes Terhürne: My department focuses on advising our regular customers and on developing new transformation projects for new customers. This includes not only the design of new online stores, but also dealing with our customers holistically in the digitisation of complex structures and organisations. In short: the hot stuff that’s going to dominate e-commerce in the future! For example, we are currently developing a new project with our partner Amazon that will not only enable communication, but that will actually talk to its users!

You’ve developed a real big seller with the Tradebyte2Shopware connector. Explain to us again what the secret of its success is!

I think the secret is that the Tradebyte2Shopware connector combines the best of both worlds: the great marketing instruments of Shopware and the industry-leading marketplace solutions from Tradebyte. In this way, traders can offer their complete range with a really short time-to-market on marketplaces such as ABOUT YOU, Amazon or Ebay as well as the Shopware shop, and focus on their core business: selling. Here, our connector is the complete connection between the two systems and is therefore the reagent for a successful symbiosis.

The Tradebyte2Shopware connector is already being used by over 30 traders and shops. In your opinion, what fundamentally characterises the Tradebyte-best.it partnership?

Over the past few years we have got to know Tradebyte as an equal partner. We are proud of this partnership, which involves much more than just our Tradebyte2Shopware connector. In Tradebyte we have a partner who supports us with expertise in marketplace solutions, and through lively exchange with one another, we can further develop our respective products to meet the demands of the market.

At the ECD 2018 you have another partner slot with Shopware. Can you give us a little insight into the topic of the presentation?

At this point we don’t want to give too much away. However, I can give you a little teaser: this year too we will be divulging all and giving those who are interested an insight into what we have learned from our integrations. In this way we will show traders how quickly they can broach the Tradebyte universe with our connector.


Johannes Terhürne

  • Age: 27
  • Job: Digital Strategy Director
  • At best it since: 2017
  • Goals for 2018: ensure sure he does more sport with a data based strategy
  • All the rest: Concerts with lots of loud guitars,
    as of this year: lecturer at the Rheinische Fachhochschule Cologne in Media Design

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