11. August 2017

Introducing the Team: 5 Questions for André Dölla

1. How long have you been working at Tradebyte and what are your tasks?

I began work at Tradebyte in April 2015. I am part of the Projects Team, which is a rather vague name that probably only means something to people working here, so I’ll give a short summary for everybody else: Some of our customer’s structures are not compatible with our standard, so individual solutions are needed. In the Projects Team we ensure that these custom solutions are made available.

2. To you, what makes Tradebyte stand out as an employer?

  • The flexibility: Tradebyte is a company which grew very quickly. Without constant optimization and adaptation of company structures, this growth would have been impossible.
  • Even though this probably is mentioned in these interviews all the time: I just like the Tradebyte team. People with all kinds of backgrounds and personalities work here, which makes for a diverse and interesting working environment.

3. What fascinates you about the e-commerce industry?

Mainly its constant change and evolution. Whenever you think “that was it, the industry has now reached its zenith” some new innovation pops up somewhere and the growth continues. Right now “Ship from Store” is an important topic for example.

4. As a child, what was your dream job?

Actually the classics like policeman or firefighter were never very high on my list. My father always said “do something with computers, those will be important in the future” – and he was right. I came into contact with the topic quite early in my life and always imagined myself in a job that had something to do with computers.

5. How do you like to spend your lunch breaks?

I like to play table soccer with my colleagues during lunchtime. Projects can pride itself on being the only team at Tradebyte that has enough regular players to field two teams. After long meetings or exhausting conference calls we also like to go for quick table-soccer breaks in the Tradebyte kitchen.

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