26. July 2017

Introducing the Team: 5 Questions for Kevin Hasselt

KEH_neu1. How long have you been working at Tradebyte and what are your tasks?

I started working at Tradebyte in September 2015 when I returned from New Zealand, where I had been part of a Work & Travel program.
Our regular everyday work in the Channels Team consists of taking care of any needs regarding our technology which channels such as eBay, Otto or Zalando might have. You could say we are the interface between customers and channels.

2. To you, what makes Tradebyte stand out as an employer?

  • I like the flexible working hours: It is just so much easier to make plans. That way my private life doesn’t suffer, even when there is a lot to do at work.
  • The working environment here at Tradebyte really boosts our team spirit. We like to joke that we are the best and most handsome team at Tradebyte: It is great how close everyone is. We are good friends and like to make plans together in our free time. Just last weekend we went hiking, for example.

3. How has the internet changed your purchasing/consumer behaviour?

I buy almost everything online except for clothes and groceries. But technical appliances are what ends up in my shopping cart most often. Prices are especially competitive in this segment and even articles from foreign countries are just one click away. Whenever I find that I don’t use a product any longer I resell it – online, of course.

4. When did Tradebyte come to your attention for the first time?

Many of my former classmates from vocational school are working in the tech sector nowadays. One of these classmates told me about Tradebyte and I handed in my application soon thereafter.

5. In your opinion, what schould everybody do at least once in their lives?

I can’t really think of one concrete thing. Everyone should try to give their dreams enough space in their lives. That can mean things like travelling, starting a family or finding one’s dream job. Everybody has to figure out for themselves what those things are.

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