9. April 2019

New Feature in TB.One – channel-specific article activation

Focus on target groups when managing your assortment!

You would like to offer only certain sizes on a channel to have a better control over your assortment or because the target group is only for fringe sizes? Maybe you are limited to a certain number of slots on a specific channel and, therefore, only want to offer your absolute top sellers? Or you would like to increase sales for a particular size or colour? Workarounds used to be the only way to export individual product variants from TB.One. Channel-specific article activation (abbreviated to CAA) will greatly simplify this process in the future.

In the interview, Benjamin Müller, Teamlead Product Management Channels at Tradebyte, explains what exactly CAA is, which advantages it offers and what you should keep in mind when activating the new feature.

Tradebyte: Could you briefly describe TB.One’s new CAA feature for us?

Benjamin: Up to now, it was only possible to activate all of a product’s variants (e.g. colours and sizes) simultaneously on any given channel. Our partners, however, need flexibility and want to export in a more specific way. Therefore, whether or not to export can now be decided on the article level. Conversely, this also means that it is now possible to exclude individual colour or size variants from the export to a specific channel. If, for example, a channel specialises in plus size fashion, it is now possible to export only relevant sizes.

What advantages does CAA offer users of TB.One?

Individual variants of a product can be activated or deactivated with just a few clicks in TB.One or minimal adjustments during import. This makes the assortment decision even more effectively controllable per channel. Thus, only the really relevant articles can be offered on the sales channels and the full potential is exploited.

What do users of TB.One need to keep in mind when switching to CAA?

The CAA feature is, of course, for free for all TB.One users. The roll-out will start automatically in mid-April. In the course of the conversion, there are minimal changes in the TB.One surface. As a user, you can extend your import to the new feature. Of course, if a TB.One user does not want to use the CAA feature, they will not be forced to do so, as use is optional.

Benjamin Müller, Teamlead Product Management Channels

Further information is available in the detailed documentation or from your account manager. In addition, we offer a webinar on 30.04.2019 at 14 o’clock on this topic.

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