4. October 2017

SAP Made Easy: Tradebyte Collaborates with HONICO

To simplify data transfers between companies with SAP systems and the Tradebyte ecosystem, Tradebyte has entered a strategic partnership with HONICO eBusiness. HONICO is a certified SAP partner and specialised in providing interfaces between SAP and non-SAP standard systems. At the ECD (www.E-Channels-Day.com) in May 2017, the company from Hamburg presented itself as a sponsor.

In the future, companies using SAP as a corporate solution can easily be connected to Tradebyte’s TB.Market, TB.One and TB.PIM. This is made possible through the partnership with the SAP specialist HONICO. The technological basis for the collaboration is an integration platform which was developed by HONICO and has already been utilised successfully many times, the so-called ‘IntegrationMan’, through which SAP systems can easily be connected to non-SAP systems. Complex individual solutions are therefore a thing of the past.

Emil Hadner, Executive Partner of HONICO eBusiness GmbH, confirms: “We are very happy about this collaboration. Tradebyte is the central platform for shops, retailers and brands which want to connect or open up their products to additional sales channels. We specialise in developing interfaces between SAP environments and other standard systems, such as the Tradebyte ecosystem.” That guarantees the smooth and automatic transfer of product information, stock or order data between SAP systems and Tradebyte platforms. For SAP customers, this saves a lot of time and means an increase in security.

Matthias Schulte, CEO at Tradebyte, adds: “SAP is being used at many big companies and is very complex. With HONICO, we have a very competent partner at our side, which will make projects with SAP customers much simpler and faster.” Even tailor-made solutions can be developed and implemented together on request.

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