24. July 2019

TB.Community – the new portal for Tradebyte customers

Kathrin Hösl, Director Customer Units

Customers who are in the process of integration can now communicate with us, channels and service providers efficiently, transparently and practically thanks to TB.Community. The tool also has much more to offer. Kathrin Hösl, Director Customer Units at Tradebyte tells us which functions TB.Community includes, which advantages these have for our customers and in which areas Tradebyte will use the communication portal in the future.

Tradebyte: What is TB.Community and which functions does it have?

Kathrin: TB.Community is the new communication portal for our customers who are in the process of integration. The tool provides our customers with a comprehensive overview of their active and completed integrations. Furthermore, customers can see who is currently working on the integration at one glance and we at Tradebyte can transfer to-dos to the customers. Is an integration on hold, and if yes, why? Or is it currently in hyper care? In user-friendly dashboards, the customer can access details about the individual integrations and their status. In the feed, customers, channels, service providers and the integrator can create posts and like or comment on them. That means that everyone involved is always up-to-date. Thanks to direct links to TB.One, the Info Centre, the Tradebyte blog and the release notes, TB.Community forms the centre for all the news surrounding the Tradebyte ecosystem.

Which advantages does TB.Community offer Tradebyte customers?

Primarily, it offers our customers seamless, transparent communication with Tradebyte, channels and service providers. In comparison to how it was before, we can provide a lot more information and present it more clearly. The dashboards, especially, enable the visualisation of important data and details, and they save the customers time consuming searches and inquiries during integration. Furthermore, through the task function, the customer immediately gets notified if we need important information for the further integration process – this directly influences turnover: the quicker the customer can go live with his articles, the faster turnover flows. Through this newly created transparency it’s very clear why and where the integration has got stuck. TB.Community enables a higher standard of service. And, thanks to improved transparency, the customer has more influence on the integration process.

Where will TB.Community be used in the future?

We are starting in the area of integration, but that’s just one of the many possible areas of application. In the future, TB.Community will also be used in other departments and it will therefore become the main communication tool for our customers. Mid-term, support will also be handled through TB.Community. As the platform is completely searchable and knowledge and solutions therefore remain intact, we can help our customers even quicker with possible questions in the future – also outside our office times. Apart from the current integration, the customer can then keep an eye on all his support enquiries as well as their status. Long-term, we can also imagine a training programme which will enable customers to help other customers with challenges regarding TB.One via TB.Community. Based on the motto: Customers help customers. Furthermore, we’re planning a function with which channels can gain insight into our customer pool and can therefore directly get in contact with potential business partners without having a Tradebyte account manager as an intermediary.

So for us this tool is the first milestone for more transparency and insights for the customer and more efficient workflows for us!

Get more information about TB.Community from your Integration Manager or in this info sheet.

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