1. July 2020

Wundercurves becomes plus-size platform

With Wundercurves we welcome another platform in the Tradebyte ecosystem. The assortment specialist for ladies’ fashion in medium and large sizes relies on TB.Market as a platform software. So far Wundercurves has been operating as an affiliate platform. Tim Schürmann, Head of Business Development & Platform, explains why the experts for plus-size fashion have now decided to connect platform partners.

Wundercurves Tim SchürmannTradebyte: So far, you have been a pure affiliate platform that redirects the customer directly to other shops. Now you have decided to convert Wundercurves into a marketplace. This means that you skip the classic step of buying and offering goods yourself. Why did you decide to do so?

Tim Schürmann: It has always been our goal to not only offer the largest selection of women’s fashion from size 42 upwards, but also to create the best possible shopping experience for the user. At the start of Wundercurves, access to affiliate products enabled us to quickly scale the range, which our users were enthusiastic about from the very beginning. However, they also clearly communicated that buying multiple products is complicated, as each new product requires a separate login on the partner´s webshops. Accordingly, it is only logical that we centralize the purchase via Wundercurves through the marketplace model in the interest of the user and thus also increase sales for our partners. We skip the step of buying goods ourselves, as we are firmly convinced that the most important thing is to quickly build up a large selection of products from size 42 upwards via Wundercurves direct purchase. Nevertheless, we will of course adapt to the wishes of the users and, for example, take brands that do not deliver to Germany into consideration when purchasing.

wundercurvesCan you describe the assortment on Wundercurves and the target group more detailed?

On Wundercurves you can buy over 4,000 brands through about 50 partners. Our focus is on women’s fashion, but we also offer shoes, accessories and beauty products to facilitate cross-selling. Wundercurves users are between 25 and 55 years old, have a strong feeling for fashion and lifestyle and use Wundercurves as a source of inspiration and to compare offers. Our consultation area is also particularly popular. We take a close look at the conceivable body types and special body zones. The large sizes area in particular is experiencing an increased need for consultation, not only because of the size diversity of all partners, but also because of the individual distribution of the proportions of each user. Our more than 400,000 monthly visitors appreciate above all the variety of the offer. Thus you will find well-known brands that were not previously associated with Plus-Size at all, but which recognise the demand and are now constantly expanding their range in medium and large sizes, as well as small new brands and all large Plus-Size representatives.

What are the advantages of Marketplace Partners over Affiliate Partners?

Our top priority in the second half of the year is the ever-increasing expansion of the marketplace segment. We primarily cover our longtail range via affiliate referrals. Every marketplace partner has per se a stronger visibility with us than an affiliate partner, but we will also offer additional promotions for marketplace partners. In addition, the first partners will receive an initial application in the next few months, including a mention on our social media channels and in the newsletter.

Wundercurves BildWhy did you decide for TB.Market? What do you expect from it?

The wish of the users for a better shopping experience has led us to evaluate different possibilities how to fulfill this wish. At a relatively early stage we decided on a marketplace model and TB.Market was recommended to us by various experts and brands. For us, Tradebyte is the right partner to connect a large number of brands. Tradebyte has many interesting brands in its partner pool, which can score with a good and large selection of products in medium and large sizes.

 If I am a retailer or brand and want to sell with you, what do I have to do?

Right now at the start we want to make it as easy as possible for our partners. Contact your Tradebyte Success Manager or sales@relaxcommerce.com for detailed instructions and consulting.

What are the next steps for Wundercurves?

We are currently focusing strongly on a clean start with TB.Market, but at the same time we are also preparing to significantly expand our marketing for direct purchases starting in the second half of the year and thus further increase sales. In the long term, we want to be THE marketplace for fashion in medium and large sizes with the best selection. We want our users to get what they deserve: a quick, easy and uncomplicated shopping experience – with Wundercurves every curvy woman will find exactly what she is looking for!

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