16. April 2019

zuumeo and Funky Buddha – perfect symbiosis in the Tradebyte ecosystem

It’s always nice to see that solutions aren’t afraid of going the extra mile. Aspiring Greek fashion brand and Tradebyte customer Funky Buddha obviously thinks this way as well. They’ve bought the product picture expertise of zuumeo – Tradebyte service partner and expert in photos and marketplaces – and are now eagerly expecting the season changeover.

Funky Buddha discovered zuumeo through the partner experience article in the Tradebyte blog at the end of last year. At the end of February, the production of the first spring/summer collection with almost 700 textiles could be successfully completed and pictures were provided for the Tradebyte upload. Funky Buddha was founded by the Alexiou brothers in 2003. Inspired by an epic road trip through the Far East and carried by a perfect feeling for the market and zeitgeist, more and more articles from the areas of apparel, footwear and accessories are happy to be labelled with the symbolic Funky Buddha icon – the rising sun – every year. It was only a question of time before the Greek success story would cross its borders.

Funky Buddha conquers the international market with the help of zuumeo

The international label has its own web shop, but is also connected to channels such as Zalando and Otto via TB.One. Funky Buddha therefore had the challenge of exporting brand-oriented, guide-conforming content for its own web shop, but also for the booked channels. In order to tackle this task without stressing, Funky Buddha has taken zuumeo on board. Developed within the Zalando Family and having proven itself in the price-time-performance-driven market, zuumeo is now in its sixth year and has grown into a stable and experienced entity in the area of product photography. In the 2,500 sqm studio in Berlin, up to 800 articles are photographed, edited, texted for and updated in standardised processes every day. The individual balance of a good time-to-online, high scalability and the corresponding quality is always the target of the studio.

Funky Buddha had the challenge of producing coherent content for the website and marketplace, but also of closing the content gap between the Greek and international market. Good synchronisation of model, styling and imagery topics was as central as guaranteeing smooth communication in order to avoid problems of comprehension and meet the needs of market peculiarities.

We are certainly very happy about the fresh collaboration, wish both sides stable uphill development and are also a little bit proud about this new success story in the Tradebyte universe.

As a Tradebyte service partner, zuumeo is pleased to grant you a 10% WELCOME DISCOUNT on the complete first order for all offers that you obtain until May 31, 2019 and are implemented in the current calendar year.

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