1. September 2017

Introducing the Team: 5 Questions for Niklas Heer

NIH_neu1. How long have you been working at Tradebyte and what are your tasks?

I’ve been working at Tradebyte since September 2015 and also did my apprenticeship here. Along with a colleague, I take care of the development team’s internal QA.

2. To you, what makes Tradebyte stand out as an employer?

Throughout all departments our tasks are really rich in variety here,so there is no chance of ever getting bored. I am especially fascinated by the company’s constant evolution. We as a team, and each individual on his or her own – everybody does their part to make Tradebyte grow day by day. Being part of this process of progression is quite exciting.

3. Which aspect of your job do you enjoy most?

As a developer the technical side of my job is something that is a lot of fun of course, but my favourite aspect of it is being involved in so many different parts of the company. I especially like the interpersonal component of my tasks: Framing issues in such a way, that everyone can both understand- and play a part in resolving them, is an important part of my job.

4. In your opinion, what innovation has changed the world most?

There have been a lot of impactful innovations that might qualify. Instead of giving one of the classic answers to this question, I’d rather look forward: I think that artificial intelligence is an innovation which, in the near future, will have a profound impact on human life. That AIs – quite contrary to humans – are bound by hardly any physical limits is fascinating.

5. As a child, what was your dream job?

As a kid I was very enthusiastic about planets, stars and the universe. That’s why I wanted to become an astrophysicist or rocket scientist. School however, soon taught me that physics is not really my strong suit. So my enthusiasm shifted to IT instead. The possibilities in our field are almost as boundless as those in the vast expanse of the universe.

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