15. April 2021

Otto Market – New mandatory property for dangerous goods

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On April 22nd 2021, OTTO Market will introduce the new mandatory property “Relevanz Gefahrgut” (“dangerous goods”) in the value mapping. It affects products that fall under the dangerous goods regulation. If a product is classified as “dangerous goods”, OTTO Market will show customers “Hinweise für die Rücksendung von Gefahrgut” (“Instructions for returning dangerous goods”) on the product detail page.

Update your product data by assigning the new mandatory property to the affected product categories under “Channels > OTTO Market > Value mapping”. OTTO Market provides the following values, one of which you must assign to each of the affected products:

  • “Produkt fällt unter die Gefahrgutvorschriften”
    (Product is subject to the dangerous goods regulations)
  • “Produkt fällt nicht unter die Gefahrgutvorschriften”
    (Product is not subject to the dangerous goods regulations)

If you have not created a suitable attribute yet, you can do so via “Basic data > Properties > Attributes”. Assign the attribute’s values to those of OTTO Market’s “Relevanz Gefahrgut” property as described above.

You can find a complete list of the affected product categories and further information here [GER]. Do you still have questions about value mapping? Then, part 5 of the TB.One basic manual will help you. Tradebyte Support is also happy to help at any time.

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